Dallas – Houston in under 90 minutes!

Texas Central High-Speed Railway (TCR) is a private, for-profit company, promoting high-speed rail connecting Dallas and Houston in under 90 minutes.

Once high-speed rail is operating between Dallas and Houston, travel between Texas’ two largest metropolitan regions will no longer be a chore—but rather, a productive, relaxing and enjoyable experience on the fastest, safest, most reliable, comfortable and convenient form of intercity travel in the U.S.

In addition to the lifestyle benefits of a sophisticated travel option, high-speed rail will reduce congestion on already strained infrastructure, reduce carbon emissions, create thousands of jobs and most importantly, support and continue to bolster the Texas economy.

The Dallas – Houston corridor is ideal for high-speed rail because it connects the 4th and 5th largest metropolitan areas in the country, at a distance (240 miles) that makes rail travel times faster than auto and competitive with air. The system we are promoting is the N700-I Bullet based on the Tokaido Shinkansen that is currently operating in Japan with more than 50-years of perfect, safe operation and an average annual delay of less than one minute.

Our approach is fundamentally different from the high-speed rail proposals Texans have considered in the past, as well as any effort being pursued in other states – we are a private, market-led effort – meaning no Texan tax dollars will be used to make this train a reality.

Speed. Style. Safety. Convenience. That’s high-speed rail, the Lone Star way.

To be sure we are on the right track, we’d like to get your thoughts. Please explore this site for answers to any questions you may have.

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For Media Inquiries, please email us at media@texascentral.com.

* All claims and descriptions of the high-speed rail system’s operations, including service and station amenities, are solely suggestions of potentiality based on examples from other high-speed rail around the world and for promotional purposes only. TCR will not be the owner, developer, implementer nor operator of the railroad. The railroad’s owner or operator will be responsible for coordinating with regulatory agencies and others regarding the specific aspects of the system’s service.